30 lb. Redfish Caught by 3429 Villamare Guest! 

Cincinnati visitor Greg Clark vacation at Villamare 3429 during the week of May 5-May 9.  During his stay he caught this 30 pound redfish which is also known as a "spot tail bass" or simply red.

Questions and answers for you would-be fisherpeople from 
Greg Clark "big-fish" catcher....

Q.  What kind of bait did you use? 
A.  A typical ocean "splitter" rig I used a 2 ounce pyramid weight with a half of a frozen finger mullet on the top hook, and a half a piece of frozen squid on the other hook.  This rig along with the frozen bait is very common and available at Wal-Mart or any of the other local bait shops.  About $3.00 for the rig and $10.00 for the bait which will last 3-5 days.

Q.  What was your technique?
I would just wade out up to my waist and cast out as far as I could, into the surf.  Then leaving the bail open I would wade back to shore, close the bail and reel in the slack.  Then, either hold the rod pointed to just over the horizon and wait till you feel a bite.

Q.  What kind of pole?
I was using an 8 ft, medium heavy "bigcat" rod.  Pretty inexpensive--about $40.00.  The reel I used was a heavy duty "bait runner" spooled with 20lb monofilament line--about $80.00.  If you don't have any "surf" equipment like this, the local bait shops do rent equipment.  Not sure of the cost.

Q.  What time did you think was best for fishing?  What kind of tide?
I like to get up early, just as the sun started to come up.  But the main factor was the tide.  Fishing was best from 2 hours before low tide until 2 hours after low tide.  However, you can catch fish surf fishing in any tide really.

Q.  How far out was your pole?
I would cast out probably 50-75 yards or so.  Sometimes less.  Big fish are also often caught just at the shore line as they use the shore to corner baitfish.

Q.  Was your pole in a holder or were you holding it?
I held mine but others prefer to use the traditional white sand rod holder.  Available locally for under $10.00.

Q.  What other tips can you give for landin' the big one in the Ocean?
You can't catch them if you're not fishing.  Put in the time, at least a couple of hours at a time.  Don't be afraid to ask around.  Whenever I am in a new area, i always go to the local bait shop and info-shop.  You can find out about real hot spots or techniques.  Special NOTE--Be sure to rinse your tackle each time you use it with fresh water.  Otherwise the salt water will corrode everything in a matter of days.

Q.  What other kids of fish can you expect to catch?
It all depends on the time of year.  In the late spring until the fall the "surf" is full of fish.  I managed to catch several other types of fish.  All in the 1-3 lb. range.

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